Adding Employees

There are two main ways to add employees to the system.  The main way to add them is by going to the Employees Menu Area, and clicking the + Add Employees button in the upper right.

This will bring up a little window where you can add several employees at one time.  You will need to enter the following information:

  1. First Name (required)
  2. Last Name (required)
  3. Email (you can add the employee w/o this, but you can’t activate an account without email)
  4. Phone
  5. Initial Position (required)
  6. Training?
  7. Pay rate  (required)
  8. Training pay rate  (required)

Once you click Add, then the window will reload the input fields having added the employee to the system.  You can add several people at one time without having to refresh the page.

The other way to add employees is with the initial onboarding wizard, which is accessible when you first create your store in Shift Agent.

When you enter an employee’s email address, it the system sends and invitation for them to activate their account with Shift Agent.  You can always see their status and other important information about them on their employee profile.

If you encounter an error when loading an employee, the best thing to do is to refresh your page and try again.  If you still have an issue, try logging out  and logging back in.