Employee Profile (settings)

Employee Profiles are one of the most important components to Shift Agent.  This is a control center for helping each employee have the correct schedule.

Understanding Employee Activation

Tabs of the Employee Profile

Employee Profiles have a few settings that are important to understand.

  1. Control how the scheduler ranks them for getting shifts.
  2. Update their Profile Image ( you and they can both add/delete images)
  3. Make them Inactive (this pulls them from the active roster, and is useful for when they are no longer working for the store, or if they are on extended leave of absence)
  4. Empower them to have administrative control of Shift Agent (let’s them make the schedule)

Important:   Shift Agent does not actually DELETE employees.  The record of their activity is important for reports and accurate data.  You can make them inactive to pull them from the rotation.  Understanding Employee Activation


It’s up to you how you maintain your profiles, but you will want to make sure that the settings are correct from time to time.  Perhaps you will want to create a monthly or bi-monthly rhythm of verifying correct employee profile information for each of your people.

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