Employees List

Your Active and Inactive employee roster is found on the Employee page.  Each employee will have a profile in the app and it will be listed here.  To access the area where you handle employees, click on the Employees button in the main menu.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 7.48.51 PM
The initial view after you click the employees button, shows you a list of all employees (default), or you can select a position to view all employees in a particular position. There is are a few columns (First, Last, Date Added, Permissions , Status) with information pertaining to each employee in the list.

Click on the title of each column to SORT the list by that column.

The permission level is based on the user level you set for each employee:  Admin, Manager, or Employee.

The Status column is particularly useful when you are onboarding new employees.  The status you need for each employee is “Activated,” which means that they are aware of their account, have chosen a password, and are able to login online.  If you do not have an email in the profile, there will be an orange button that invites you to add an email address for that employee.  You MUST have an email address for each employee, as this is the method that Shift Agent uses for unique username that is secure and verifiable.

If you make an employee inactive, they will be listed in the inactive list.  Right next to the Roster button, click the inactive list to see inactive employees.

The other status you may see, is “Resend Activation,” which is a button that allows a manager to resend the email from Shift Agent that invites the employee to login for the first time and choose a password.

From this page, you are able to select any employee profile and view and make changes to that profile.

Size of the Roster and your Subscription

The number of active employees is the direct key to your store’s subscription level for Shift Agent.

TIP: If you see random employee names in the list that you did not enter in, the first thing to check is to make sure you have emptied the sandbox.