Store News Announcements

Shift Agent provides you with a platform to communicate effectively with your team.

About Store News

  • As a manager or admin, you can create a store-wide or position-specific announcement.
  • You can select who the message goes to and how they will receive the message.
  • Learn how to create announcements from your mobile device or from your computer.

Quick Facts about the Feature

  • The message will be the first thing each employee sees when they open the app.
  • Email messages are always FREE.
  • There is a small fee associated with sending SMS Text messages.
  • Only admins and managers can create news.

Potential Uses

  • To augment or maybe even replace having to hold an all-hands meeting.
  • Remind employees of a particular event or need.
  • Encourage your team
  • Publicly praise an employee for a job well done.
  • Coaching, ETC…
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The next time your employees open the app, they will see your announcement.  In order to get to their schedule or any other part of the app, they have to click a button that says, “I acknowledge that I read this announcement.”  Shift Agent then dismisses the message and archives it for them.  They can go back and re-read any message at anytime from the Store News area of the app from their phone.

Links in the announcement

You can also paste a link (ie: in the announcement. You can post links for:

  • Articles
  • Training Videos
  • Encouragement Videos
  • Etc…

In the report, you will know how many and who of your team actually clicked on the link.

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