There are many system messages that Shift Agent sends to users called Notifications.  Notifications are different from Store News announcements.  Store News announcements can show up in your Store News feed that are personal notes from management.  There is a separate area in the app for Store News and announcements.

When you receive notifications, you can mark them as read, and they will go into the archive, where you will have access to all of your former messages.

The Notifications Area

  • The upper left corner has two tabs, Read and Unread.
  • The Read tab takes you to the archive of messages.
  • If you get behind in checking messages, you can press the “Mark all as read” button to archive all messages.

Notifications are from the system, and they include things like:

  • Your trade was approved/disapproved.
  • Your day off was approved/disapproved.
  • You have new shifts on the calendar.
  • Etc..