Store News (Announcements)

(MGRS: Click here for how to create store news announcements.)

Store News announcements are created by managers, and you may receive these from time to time.  It is their way of communicating important information to you.  You may receive messages via text message from your manager sometimes.

When you first login to the app, if there is a new announcement (or more than one) you will be prompted to read and acknowledge the announcement.Obviously, you are responsible for what you do with the information, and it will always be available in the area where archived Store news is held.  Access this from the extra menu on the bottom right side of the app at any time.Your manager will be aware of whether or not you have acknowledged the announcements.If there is a link in the news and your manager expects you to click it, the manager will also be aware of whether or not you clicked the link.

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