Assign Later or Dismiss this Shift

In the Smart Scheduling window, when you are assigning employees to shifts, you will find two options next to the Position/Time of the Shift:

1.  Skip, Assign Later.

2.  Dismiss this Shift

Assign Later means that you will create the shift and place it on the calendar without selecting an employee for now.

Dismiss this shift.  Dismiss means that you plan to not use the shift, and therefore you won’t be putting a person in the shift on this day.

They are different, in that Dismissing a shift won’t place the shift on the calendar, but Skip Assign Later will place the shift on the calendar without a person right now.


After you skip and Assign later and go to the calendar

The shift will appear on the calendar, and have “Assign” printed on the shift rather than a name.  If you click the Assign button, it will bring up the shift window to allow you to select an employee for this individual shift.If you DO NOT assign someone, then it will not be worked by anyone and it will not appear on anyone’s calendar.