Recommendations: Select the Right Employee for Each Shift

Shift Agent is not an auto-scheduler.  It’s one better.  Smart Scheduling is a recommendation system that calculates the operational decision so that you can focus on people while you select the right person for each shift.  This post describes most of what Smart Scheduler is doing to make recommendations on your behalf as you fill shifts.

Recommendation System – Things that Shift is always thinking about, so that you can make excellent decisions quickly:

  • Qualified – Each shift only shows employees who have the position in their profile.
  • Overtime Prevention
  • Consistency of Schedule – who worked this shift Last Week (LW)?
  • Overlap prevention – prevent people from being scheduled for two shifts at the same time
  • Distributing Hours – Recommending employees who need more hours more often. (target hours)
  • Availability – Each employee’s availability is calculated for every individual shift
  • Days Off – We weight folks with approved days off towards the bottom
Shift Agent recommends who you should place in each shift – The top recommendation is the person who needs hours right now, and is the most available.  Our goal is to do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to calculating the best person for each shift.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 8.53.31 AM

Employee Settings effect the recommendation order – Target Hours and Availability settings have a lot of influence for what order Shift Agent recommends a person for a shift. You can adjust these settings to fit your needs and your situation.
Shift Agent guides and empowers you.  Shift Agent guides you through the selection process, but in the end you have the ability to schedule anyone in the list. It does not restrict you from choosing someone to work a shift, even if it strongly recommends that you don’t.
No issues: Highly recommend placing this employee here.
Minor Issues: Potentially more than target hours, or double shift (but not overlapping)
Major Issues: Either Unavailable at this time, or Overtime, or Overlap, or many hours over target
Day-off requested: Been requested, but not yet approved (see status)
Day off APPROVED: Don’t schedule this person today. (see manage days off)
Qualified employees are listed in this window from top-to-bottom, ranked by many factors.


This window is visible on Smart Scheduling, as well as on the Add a Shift and Edit Shift windows.  The recommendation system works the same way in both places.
Automatic Re-sorting:  When you add an employee to a shift, the smart scheduler advances to the next shift you are filling, and it automatically re-sorts the list to reflect the changes you just made and provide real-time relevant info for each shift and each employee.

Shuffling NamesYou will notice when you load the page, that the names will move around on their own each time you change shifts or make any adjustment to the shift start and end times. This is because we are automatically sorting the names in real time to put the highest recommendations at the top.  The list is prioritized based on a number of factors.