Intro to Publishing:

Publishing the schedule is when the shifts you built on the calendar are now visible to employees.  When they login, they will see their schedule. Before you publish, the shifts on your calendar are just a rough draft.  They will stay saved in whatever state you leave them, even if you log out and come back later.

You make the schedule one day at a time, but you can publish in different ways:

  1. Publish one shift at a time.
  2. Publish one day at a time.
  3. Publish one week at a time.


When you click the PUBLISH NOW button, you will see two (2) options on the button.  One says Day, and the other says Week.  Decide if you will be publishing the day that you see on the calendar, or if you want to publish a whole week at time.

For one day at a time:
A window will pop up that gives you the option to select which positions you want to publish.

You can select all, or individually select positions.

If you have more than one department, you can control which department’s positions are published. This can be especially helpful if you have more than one scheduling manager.

For a week at a time:

A window will appear that gives you the option to select days in a week that you wish to publish.

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 10.50.32 AM

Shift Agent automatically sends an email to notify everyone that the schedule has been published.

Guide Bar:

The guide bar is the tool that indicates that you have unpublished shifts on a particular day.

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 1.07.14 PMThe green bar above the day in the guide bar is an indication that all shifts on that day are currently published.

The orange bar above the day in the guide bar tells you that there are shifts that are currently unpublished.

TIP:  You can publish a day, even if you have unassigned shifts (Assign Later) on the schedule, but the bar will stay orange until you assign the shift and publish it.

Published Status of a shift:

Published – Employees have these shifts on their calendar and understand they are responsible to work them.Unpublished – Employees DO NOT have these shifts on their calendar.

Published and Unpublished shifts are treated differently on the calendar, in terms of the menus that you to make changes on the calendar page.

When the shift is published, you can delete and duplicate, but not edit.
When the shift is unpublished, you can edit the shift.

If you go back and add a NEW shift to a day that’s already been published, you MUST publish it again in order for the newly added shift to be published.  You can do this from the PUBLISH NOW button, or you can click the down arrow on the individual shift on the calendar and select “publish now.”

After you schedule a day, it is time to publish, simply click the PUBLISH NOW button.

After you publish:

All of the shifts will have a screenshot_21 right next to the name. The screen will look like the following:

Mobile View

The published schedule is reflected on the Mobile version of the app as well.
(unpublished shifts are not visible)

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