Budget and Man-hours Data

When you are building the schedule, the Guide Bar can be very helpful in providing real-time projections for labor cost. Every shift that you add to the schedule, will automatically calculate the cost of the shift and aggregate into total cost for the day.  Our philosophy is to let you seamlessly view this data, while you think about what works for your people.

The pay rate and budget data in Shift Agent serve only as a guide.

Simply mouse-over the day you want to see in the Guide-Bar, and you will see a pop-up revealed that shows you a breakdown of labor dollars or labor hours you are spending on that day.

On a tablet, tap the day in the Guide Bar to achieve the same result.

To see the data displayed for a whole week, simply navigate to the week you want to see, and then mouse-over the last box on the Guide Bar that says, Week (#).

From this view, you can toggle the information between dollars and man-hours.