Positions (skill-sets)

Who is Qualified to Work a Shift

You have a unique way of running your store, and we want to maximize your ability to schedule people well.  Positions are a key factor in setting up your store to have a great schedule.

In Shift Agent, a position is a unique skill-set.  For example, let’s say that you have a position that is called Drive-thru.  When you assign an employee with the position of Drive-thru, Shift Agent assumes that the employee has the entire skill-set required to perform the position of Drive-thru.

Another way to say this is, positions are categories that summarize a task (or a set of subtasks) that qualify someone to work in a role at your store.

Positions are the separated, major roles you give to your employees.

  • cashiers
  • waiters/waitresses
  • cooks
  • dishwashers
  • pizza tossers
  • sauce mixers
  • coffee brewers

Employees may have one or many positions in their profile.  Here is how you add positions to an employee profile.

Who can work this shift? Positions are the major way that Shift Agent allows you to understand WHO can work a shift.  Our recommendation system will filter down to everyone that can work a position as you build the schedule.

Control shift trading:  Positions are a flag that optimizes the process of trading shifts.  This is useful when you authorize two employees to trade shifts.  Employees that do not have the position, cannot trade or take a shift with that position.

How Shift Controls Trading Shifts:

  1. Let’s say that Employee A has these three positions:  Cook, Dish, and Drive-thru.
  2. Employee B has these two positions:  Cook and Dish
  3. Employee A has been assigned a shift of Cook at 9am – 3pm and another shift of Drive-thru at 12pm – 5pm.
  4. Shift Agent automatically allows Employee A to trade their Cook shift with Employee B, but they cannot trade their Drive-thru shift with Employee B.
  5. Shift Agent empowers people to trade with co-workers who have the appropriate skills, and this is set in their employee profiles.