Print View – Taking advantage of two views at once

Using the Print View while you are building the schedule can provide extra context and confidence that you are building the right schedule for the week.

As you add shifts to the schedule with the scheduler, they will automatically show up on the Print View.

Suggestions for how to use the Print View to your advantage:

One computer only:

  • If you have a wide enough screen, you can zoom your browser out a little bit and shrink the size of the window, and have the two windows right next to each other on the screen.  Enables you to see a whole week while you schedule.
  • If you have two monitors, you can do the same type of configuration using two screens.
  • If you have smaller screen or just one tablet, you can always toggle between two open tabs and just go back and forth.

Using two devices at once:

  • If you have a second older computer or an iPad, you can have the scheduler on one computer and the second device can have the print view on it.  Since the content is online and it auto-updates, you will be able to see all changes reflected even if you are on two different devices.

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 11.04.16 AM


Information you can see from having both views at once:

  1. Easily compare how many shifts everyone has.
  2. See who has the day off at a glance
  3. Choose between viewing published shifts only, or seeing unpublished shifts as well.