Printing FAQs and troubleshooting (print view)

I want to print just one department’s schedule (print the Back of House but not the Front of House)

Use the print view setting to select the department that you wish to view/print.  When you hit the print button, it will only print the department that you see.  Saves paper!

The print view WAS showing me shifts when I added them, but now it’s not showing up when I add the shifts.  (or it’s really slow)

Click the settings button on the print view page.  Use the print view setting to select “Faster Update”  again.  If you toggle between weeks using the < > in the header, this setting WILL RESET to NO.  You will need to recheck the setting to make the shifts show up quickly.  The reason we do this is to save server time and make the experience much faster for you in other parts of the app for when you don’t need it to go fast (when you are not looking at it)

Can I get away with not printing the schedule on paper at all?

This depends on you and your people.  Ideally, the answer is yes.  The moment you print the schedule on paper, it is susceptible to being obsolete or inaccurate the moment that shifts are traded.  We recommend getting an old or a cheap tablet or computer or TV screen, and having a live web view of the schedule visible in the store.  

What happens to the print view when people trades shifts?

The week view will automatically update even when trades occur.  If you happen to be watching the screen after you approve the trade, you will actually see the two shifts move places.

The Days Off BLACK BOXES appear on the screen but they don’t seem to print on the paper?

This is actually a function of your computer/printer.   You can manually select to “print background colors,” and the blackout boxes will appear on the paper.

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 10.47.46 AM