See the Calendar as a Whole Week

Being able to see a week as you build a schedule can be very helpful.  But, worrying about too many things at once can make the process overwhelming.

Shift Agent provides a Print View that enables you to use the scheduler while you have a bird-eye view of a whole week.

While you are using the Smart Scheduling feature, you will also see an employee’s week in context as you place each shift.  Use the Employee Card area to see a week’s worth of shifts for each employee as you go.

The footer bar of the scheduling page gives you a week’s worth of data about the budget and about man-hours as you build the week.

Our hope is to make it easy for you to build the schedule one shift at a time, because we provide targeted information that you can trust during each decision.

For example, we make recommendations that distribute hours according to target hours.  This means, that if you go with our high recommendations, you will end up now having to worry about whether or not you gave enough hours to people.

We want to make it possible for you to worry less and schedule faster, because the things you normally have to keep track of are tracked for you.  It is empowering to think about people instead of having to juggle so much information at once.