Trade Shifts Easily

Automatically find the best trade!

Shift Agent is designed to help you find someone to trade with, so that you don’t have to worry about it.  Read here for full instructions, or just use this for quick reference for using our system to trade.

For Example:  Let’s say that you want to trade your Monday, Cook shift.  You select the shift you want to trade, and then we take care of the rest. Along the way, we let you know the status of your trade.

We go through the whole schedule and:

  • Find all the shifts that you can work because you have those positions
  • As long as your shift does not overlap by more than 35 minutes, you can find a shift on the same day
  • Check your availability for upcoming shifts
  • Match the time of the shift you want to trade with everyone else’s availability
  • Sort them by best to worst in terms likelihood of you getting a “YES!” from a co-worker
  • Make it easy for you to choose

Once you chose a shift to trade for, Shift Agent will:

  • Contact the person you want to trade with
  • Alert them of the trade possibility and give them an easy way to answer you
  • Notifiy you of their response
  • Alert the manager of the trade request
  • Give the manager and easy way to answer the request
  • Alert you when the manager either approves or disapproves


IF you need to cancel a trade, you can do so anytime prior to the manager approving the trade.

In the past, you had to:

Figure out whom of your co-workers was qualified to work your position, make sure that you were qualified to work their position, and find a time in the week in the future that you could work for them that would also work with their availability if they took your shift.  And then you have to communicate everything with their manager at a time when they are willing and able to make the change in the schedule to let you know the change is official. Sounds exhausting!