Having Issues? Try this FIRST (clear cache)

The first line of defense when Shift Agent is not loading something right, is to simply refresh your browser.  For example, if you add a day off to an employee, and then go back to the scheduler and you don’t see the day off reflected properly in Smart Scheduling, the chances are that you need to refresh the browser by hitting the RELOAD button or putting your cursor in the URL area and hitting the Enter (Return) Key.

We are always working to improve the app, and a lot of times these updates show up automatically, depending on the kind of update that occurs.

Web Browsers work hard to save you time by storing data on your computer so that it doesn’t have to load everything every time you load a page.  This is called “Caching,” and sometimes you as the end-user need to tell your browser to clear out your “cache”  Because of this, it can sometimes display the wrong thing when it doesn’t bother to go out and fetch the most recent updates.

In cases where the app has been updated in the background and you see funny things or if the page isn’t working properly as it used to, the chances are you can resolve the issue by Clearing Browser Data.

Clearing Browser Data (aka Clearing Your Cache) actually forces your browser to do a hard reset, and it makes sure that your browser loads the most recent information from the Shift Agent databases and servers.


If you are using Google Chrome, here is how you can go clear the cache.  You might see different things depending on how you access the feature, either from Windows or Mac OS, but the idea is the same:


images If you are using Firefox, you will be doing basically the same things, but watch this video for details.



images-1If you are using Safari, you will be doing basically the same things, but watch this video for details.



imagesIf you are using Internet Explorer, we suggest upgrading for free to one of the far superior browsers (faster, clearner, less problems, etc…)   In all seriousness, your entire experience on the web will improve everywhere if you replace Internet Explorer with Chrome.