Giving Away a Shift

When you giveaway a shift, you are essentially putting that shift up for grabs.  Giveaways are different from trades, in that they make a shift available to many people, and you don’t get another shift back in return.  Use this option to offload hours that you don’t want to work.

When you click on a shift in your schedule, you notice two main options:  Trade this shift or Giveaway this shift.

What happens when I giveaway a shift?

Shift Agent automatically communicates to the team for you about your shift so that you can get it filled as quickly as possible.

  1. Anyone who is qualified to work the shift is put in the queue for hearing about the shift.
  2. The first round of notifications goes to those who most need the hours.
  3. If no one responds within 5 minutes, the next round of notifications goes to the next most qualified group, and so on.
  4. Simultaneously, everyone on your team who is qualified to work that shift will have an indication that the shift is available for them to pickup.
  5. You may cancel the giveaway anytime before a manager approves it.  (even if someone has accepted to work it)
  6. If someone on your team decides to pickup the shift, you will be notified, and the manager will have the option to approve the change.
  7. Once the change is approved, then you will no longer have the shift in your schedule.

A trade is different in that you communicate with one person at a time, and you would potentially get a shift in return provided that the manager approves the trade.