My Schedule

Your schedule is always filled with all of the shifts that your manager has published for you up to this point.

From the schedule view, you can click on each shift to see a quick list of some of the people you are working with.  It does not list everyone that you are working with that day, but just a sample.  If you want to see everyone you are working with that day, you can always look at the store schedule, tab over to the day you are looking for, and see a complete list.

From the schedule view, you can also try and trade a shift or giveaway a shift.

When you are trying to trade a shift, that shift will be listed on your active trades page.  Shifts that have a trade or a giveaway in process will continue to be listed on your schedule page.  If the trade or giveaway is approved, then it will no longer be listed on your schedule page.

Your schedule is always up to date on the system.  However, make sure that you have the most recent schedule by reloading the page.  You can do this by hitting re-load on your browser or by navigating to another page and then coming back to the Schedule page.  Depending on your browser or your device, this may sometimes be necessary to make sure you have all of the up-to-date information from Shift Agent.

Click the > on the right side of the shift that you wish to trade.

Text to Get Your Next Shift

Shift Agent supports a number of SMS commands.  You can type ‘next’ to 407-641-2678, and it will give you the next shift you are working.