Cancel a Day Off

As an employee, you can cancel a day off request, even if it has been approved.  You can effectively make yourself available again.

Managers do not cancel days off requests for their employees, but they can remove them.

First, check the status of the request.  If you decide that you no longer want the day off, you can tab over to your days off requests and open a request.  Tap the cancel button and the request will be removed so that your regular availability will kick in with regards to you potentially being scheduled.


Manager’s do not “cancel” day off requests for an employee, but they may remove them if necessary. Each employee is responsible for managing their own Days Off requests and keeping track of the current status of their requests.

Important:  Managers have the authority to schedule you whenever they need to.  Therefore, make sure that you regularly check the schedule and make sure that you are at work when you are required to be there.

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