Status of Days Off

On an employee profile, you can see the status of each Days Off request.

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The following are the various statuses that a Day Off request may have:

  • Pending:  The request has been submitted, but a manager has not yet responded.  (the employee cannot assume the request has been granted or denied, and should be prepared to be scheduled until further notice.)  Only when a request is pending, can an employee cancel a request in Shift Agent.
  • Approved by a manager – the request has been approved, and Shift Agent will remind the manager that you have approved Time Off when the schedule is made.  You can assume that you have the day off, unless further notified by the system that the request has been disapproved. (you should always double check your schedule)
  • Disapproved by a manager – You are eligible to be scheduled, and you cannot assume you have the day off.
  • Cancelled – The user decided to remove the request and they are eligible to be scheduled.

The status of days off is also reflected in the Smart Scheduler in terms of the recommendation for a shift.


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