Next, you choose the setup of your store in terms of departments.

Shift Agent uses the term “departments” to categorize your workforce into MAJOR categories.  If you only have one department, it is called “Uncategorized” by default.  Next, your positions will be created under departments.

You cannot assign a person to a department directly.  You have to add at least one position to the department to be able to assign someone within the department.

Many stores have only one department, but others you may wish to split positions (job codes) among more than one department.  Perhaps you have more than one manager who makes the schedule for say the Front of the House or the Back of the House.

 Select one of the two options:

  • Departments select this if you have subdivisions of your store. (Front of House, Back of House, etc)
  • No Departments it’s all in one big category where we have different positions (cook, cashier, etc)

After you are finished, click the Next Step button.

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