Getting Started

We have a set of resources here to assist you in getting your company setup on Shift Agent step-by-step.   Once you get through the initial setup, building schedules becomes straight-forward.

Quick Thoughts:

  • Two to six (2-6) hours of time may be needed, depending on the number of employees you are entering into the system.
  • You can try to get this all done in one sitting, or you can begin now and come back to it as Shift Agent will save your place and the work you put into it.
  • You can have this support site up in one browser window for reference, and have the app up on another browser.  The menu on the right has a prescribed order of setup that matches the Setup Wizard in terms of the step by step process.

Materials to have on hand:

  • Employee names first and last
  • Employee emails used for creating a private unique login and activation
  • Employee mobile numbers used to send SMS messages
  • Employee availabilities regular weekly times they can/can’t work
  • A copy of last week’s schedule for reference optional

Once you are ready to begin the setup process, you will want to go ahead and “Empty the Sandbox” which will clear out all of the test data and give you a brand new slate to begin inputing your store input.

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