Much Faster Scheduling

Now that you have built your first day or even your first week, let’s help you streamline your scheduling process.  You can begin to take full advantage of what Shift Agent does to make your scheduling experience quick and efficient.

Fastest Way to Build One Day:

The draw shifts feature is the fastest way to build a day, especially when coupled with using smart scheduling to fill the shifts with the right employees.

Building a weekly schedule, quickly:

You should be able to build a schedule for entire week that is accurate and available to everyone in a relatively small amount of time..

Tip: Take a moment to handle the relevant requests for days off.

Create Templates from Days that you want to repeat

When you take a moment to make a new template from a day that works, you make it possible to avoid the tedious work of adding individual shifts over and over again.  Create as many templates as you need to accommodate for your weekly rhythm.

Apply the templates to each day of the week you are working on, and then take advantage of Smart Scheduling, which loads all of the shifts that need to be filled in a quick-load window.

Take advantage of the ability to publish a week at a time.