Company Profile

The Company Profile is the place where global settings are held.

Access these settings by clicking on the name of your company in the uppermost-left corner of the app.


    • Overtime threshold is the global setting Shift Agent uses to determine what overtime means as you are scheduling.  Default is 40 hours.
    • Overtime Priority defaults to ON, which means that you prioritize avoiding overtime regardless of an employee’s target hours.  If you turn this off, it will allow employees who have Target Hours greater than your Overtime Threshold be prioritized by Smart Scheduling regardless of whether or not the shift puts them into overtime. Learn More
    • Store Email, Store Phone, Store Website
    • Set the day that represents the beginning of the work week for your store.
    • Accounting Start Hour:  (defaults to midnight) If you have shifts that run into the next day (i.e. some shifts end at 3:00am), you can adjust the accounting start hour so that labor costs are properly allocated on the day they should be associated with.
    • Timezone:  You cannot alter your timezone once it has been set during your initial setup.  If you have an issue, contact Shift Agent.
  • Pay Rate Settings
    • Average Cost Per Hour so that managers who make the schedule can have an estimate labor cost.

Departments & Positions

  • Positions tab is where you add/delete/edit positions and departments rom the store overall. The Onboarding Wizard is the most common origin for the information on this page.  You can use this page to make any changes to your store positions at anytime.


  • The Weekly Report shows two different views of the data for a week.
    • A Summary of Hours Worked per day by employee with a week total
    • A cost breakdown of every shift for the whole week by employee with week totals.
  • More Coming Soon…

Assign Positions

Use this tab to make adjustments to which employees have what positions.


This area is where you set and monitor your store’s Day Off Policy and Availability Policy.


Here is where you manage your store subscription and view invoices.

SMS Tokens

Here is where you can purchase SMS tokens that are used only when you select the Text Message setting when sending a store announcement.