The Scheduling Calendar

Introduction to the Calendar – This is a detailed overview of the scheduling page and how to use it.
Building One Day at a Time – The Shift Agent™ calendar gives you the ability to build the schedule one day at a time with confidence. You can start building right away, and we help you to distribute hours, prevent overtime, and take care of the basic needs your store has as you build.
Left-to-Right – Time is displayed as left to right. By default, the calendar will load to a place where you can see the earliest shift of the day. If there are no shifts yet, it will start at 6am. You can scroll the calendar, and even see the latest hours of the previous day, as well as the earliest hours of the next day.
Top-to-Bottom – Positions are listed top to bottom. Starting in the upper left corner of the calendar, you will see a ‘+’ button with the name of each position. Pressing this button for any position is how you begin to add shifts.
Scrolling – Click, hold, and drag the mouse over the calendar to move it left to right or up and down. Alternatively, put your mouse in the upper left corner of the TIME BAR at the top of the calendar to go EARLIER, or in the upper right to scroll to go LATER. On mobile devices, just swipe with your fingers.
Toggle Between Days – Click the arrows next to the current day, or click the day (October 4) and bring up a month view. At the bottom, you have the ability to toggle a whole week and to select days within the current week.
The Red lines – The thin vertical red lines mark the 24 hour period for the day you are scheduling. They are set to the hour that you list as your start-of-day hour in Company Profile Settings. Their placement is at 12am by default, but there is a setting in your org profile that can place them at a different hour, depending on your preference. A shift can cross the lines, meaning it can start on one day, and end on the next day. You can edit any shift in-line using the ‘▼’ when you are toggled to the day when the shift starts.