Campaigns to Update Availability

An availability update campaign is used to ask Employees to update their own availability online, and allow you to approve all changes.

To run your first campaign: 

  1. You can click on the Availability button on the main menu on the right.  
  2. Simply click on the Create Availability Campaign button and follow instructions!
  3. When you run that campaign, everyone gets a text message and an email asking them to update.
  4. There are indicators on their mobile devices to remind them to update, until they have completed the task.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 5.43.33 PM

What this means for managers:

  • You can now send one simple request to all of your employees.
  • Employees can now login and respond to your request and provide you with their new availability.
  • You can track who has responded, and who has not.
  • You will not have to manually change anyone’s availability anymore, (unless you just want to).
  • You will be able to review the requests with some handy info to go with it.
  • We display for you how much changed between their current availability and their new requested availability.
  • You can approve the new availability, disapprove it, or ask an individual to FIX something.
  • Each employee can have their new availability go into effect on a date that they choose and that you approve.
  • Shift Agent tracks all the changes for you and applies the correct availability as you build the schedule. 
  • You can also use our availability analyzing tool to see how things affect your store.
  • When you are scheduling, the correct availability will be used on each day you build.  
    • For example, if there is an upcoming approved availability for Dec 16th, any day prior to then will use the “old” availability, and starting Dec 16th, the new availability will be used.

If an employee fails to respond to a campaign:

  • Shift Agent will continue to use the availability that is already approved in the system.
  • They can go in at any time and submit a request to update their availability.  The request will come to your availability request area for review.

Also Included in this feature:

1.  Employees can now ask for a number of desired hours.  You will be able to see this request, and it is called Employee Desired Hours.  It is SEPARATE from Target hours.  The system still uses target hours at your discretion, and ONLY MGRS can see Target hours.  However, with the Emp Desired Hours, you will have more knowledge of what the employee is hoping for in terms of hours.  In appropriate places, you will see both numbers side by side.  

2.  You can adjust an employees target hours right there when you are reviewing their new availability.


Employees must use a computer or a tablet to login and update their availability.  They cannot do so from their mobile devices just yet.  (That is coming)  

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