Employee Desired Hours

Employees are able to use their availability update request to set a desired number of hours that they wish to work.

Target Hours vs. Employee Desired Hours

Employee Desired Hours is DIFFERENT from Target Hours.

Shift Agent uses the Target hours set by the manager and ONLY VISIBLE to the manager to help you schedule the employee for the number of hours you want them to work.

Shift Agent collects the Employee Desired Hours to help you see what if any difference there is between your goal for the employee and their goal for themselves.

Why it can be useful:

You can use the Employee Desired Hours and the Preferred to Work hours from the availability settings to see how realistic it is for and employee to be scheduled.

For example, if an employee sets their desired hours to 35 hours, but they only have about 25 hours of preferred availability, it may help you discover reasons why it may/may not be difficult to meet the their goals.

This can provide teaching moments about how they could receive more hours if they were more available, or perhaps you could see where tension could arise from misplaced expectations.