Availability Status types

Availability sets each have a status, depending on where that set is in the process when there is a request for updating availability.  Shift Agent creates a workflow to minimize your involvement from beginning to end.

When there is a current availability being used by the system that is set to be replaced on a date in the future, Shift Agent queues up the next availability set that is approved and will automatically use the correct rules when you are scheduling in the future.

Status types for an Availability Set:

  • Current:  This is the set of availability that Shift Agent is currently using when you build the schedule.
  • Upcoming (queued up):  This set has been approved and will become the new “current” availability when the effective date arrives.
  • In Review:  Submitted by an employee, as they finished responding to your request.  Once you approve, this set will have an upcoming status.
  • Editing:  The employee is still working on the new availability set.  Once they submit it, this set goes In Review.

Reasons why the Status of an availability set changes:

  • Managers respond to the request, and it changes.
  • Employees make a change.
  • Time passes by, and a request moves from Upcoming to Current

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