Day Off Requests Without Stress

A lot of stores find it necessary to create parameters to help manage day off requests.

With Shift Agent,  you can feel free to allow day off requests to come in at any time.

For example, you might have had a rule that employees must submit requests at least two weeks in advance.  It gives you the ability to make decisions because you know who is available and you are not stressed.

The Gist:

Shift Agent is designed to help you place the responsibility in the employee’s hands for late requests for days off.

  • Before a shift is published for an employee on a particular day:
    • The employee can request a day off with no interference
    • Managers can view the request and respond whichever way they want.
    • While you are building the schedule, you will be aware of late requests without having to respond.
  • After a shift is published for an employee on a particular day, the employee cannot request a day off without first trading or giving away the shift they are assigned to.

The Details:

Shift Agent provides natural delegation of responsibility:

Let’s say an employee wants to make a request for a day off, but they’ve already been scheduled for that day.  

  • Shift Agent will tell them that they have already been scheduled.
  • The employee is presented with the opportunity to trade or giveaway the shift.
  • It is now up to them to generate the opportunity to have the day off.
  • If they successfully trade the shift, then they have gotten the day off without the manager having to work to rearrange the schedule.
  • Once they have traded the shift, then they don’t really need to request a day off.
  • If they are unsuccessful, then it’s up to them to get their request in earlier, but it’s a lesson that they learn without the manager having to establish a rule.

Let’s say an employee wants to make a request for a day off, but they haven’t yet been scheduled for that day.  

  • The manager is still in the process of building the schedule.
  • A day off request comes in for the actual week you are scheduling.
  • You will have that information available to you at the moment where you are filling the shifts.
  • Even when you don’t have time to respond to the employee’s request, Shift Agent will indicate that the request has been made.  This may allow you to give the employee the schedule they desire without having responded to their request.




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