I need the day off but I’m already scheduled

So you need to make a request for a day off, but you’ve already been scheduled for that day.  

Your opportunity to have the time off now requires that you trade your own shift.  After you successfully trade your shift, then you can request for the day off and your manager will receive the request as usual.Of course, if your trade is approved, you can’t be 100% certain that your manager won’t schedule you again, so you may wish to also create a day off request.

  • Shift Agent will tell show you that you’ve have already been scheduled right there on your mobile device.
  • You are presented with the opportunity to trade or giveaway your shift.
  • You’re manager will receive your request for a trade and respond when they can.
  • Take note of the timeframe of your request relative to the schedule.  For the future, you can try to establish a pattern of making requests that take your manager’s scheduling rhythm into consideration to make it easier next time.