Set Projections

Each week, Shift Agent provides you with the ability to set your labor level according to your sales projections.  These projections act as a helpful guide for you as you make the schedule for the week.

The projections are reflected in the Guide Bar for the week, so that you can see your spending in man-hours, dollars, and as a percentage.

There are three kinds of input, and you do not have to fill out every kind.  You only need to use the kind of information that you wish to use as a guide.

Labor Hours: Number of man hours you want to assign on this day
Labor Cost:  Amount of money you want to spend on this day. (Pay-Rate x Number-of-Hours for all shifts)
Gross Revenue:  Sales Revenue for this day. 
Week Labor Percentage Goal:  (Labor Cost/Gross Revenue = Labor %)


If you put in the Gross Revenue and the Labor Hours, Shift Agent will calculate productivity for you on the screen, and also display as a part of the guide bar.

Let’s start with the Labor Hours projection.  You want to set the guide here to show you how many hours you wish to schedule for each day.

Next, you have Labor Cost.  Labor Cost is the number of total dollars you want to spend on each day, and Shift Agent tracks the cost of each shift, updating the total expense for you as you build the schedule.  This number requires that you have accurate pay rates for each person in every position.

If you would like to track labor percentage, simply input your projected sales revenue for each day and Shift Agent automatically displays your labor in percentage values.

Templates and Projections:  When you apply a template, you can see how many man-hours the template adds to the day.  You can also adjust the template to match your projections exactly, right before you use Smart Scheduling to fill in the shifts.

Finally, if you have labor percentage goal for the week, you can set this number here, and see it reflected on the Guide Bar.


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