Edit a Shift (published)

Editing a published shift is the same process as editing an unpublished shift with one key difference.

Once a shift has been published, it has been broadcasted to the person that their schedule is updated.  Because of this, they can see the shift on their schedule, and it can be assumed that this is when they are working.  It becomes more sacred, so we take an extra step to communicate the update for you.

After you edit a published shift, we actually send a text message and an email to them to let them know that you changed their schedule. This also serves to document that you communicated with them about the change.

For more information on deleting shifts, see the post on delete unpublished or delete published shifts.

How to edit Published Shifts:

  • Navigate to the day on the scheduling page that has the shift you want to edit.
  • Click the “Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 8.42.02 AMon the shift you want to change.  You will now see this:
You have the option to EDIT the shift from this menu.  You can change the time, or change the person who works the shift, or both.
  • Change the person:  When you click edit, you will bring up the Create Shift window, and it will automatically load the list of employees who could work the shift, recommend employees, as well as show you if there is a person you have already assigned.  Simply remove the person you want to take out, and replace them with the person you want to work the shift.
  • Change the time:  Simply click the time adjusters to make the shift time your desired time.
  • Split the Shift – You have the option to split a shift that is published, and we will attempt to send appropriate communication on your behalf.
  • When you are done making adjustments, click the UPDATE THIS SHIFT button.