Team Directory – Request Someone’s Contact

There is a button that a team member can use to “REQUEST” that someone on the team display their contact information in the team directory.  This can be used once, and that person will receive a text message with the option to type in a code that will automatically flip the switch for phone and email without you having to login to the app and navigate to your profile.


Every employee has the ability to turn on or turn off the display of their contact information on the team directory at any time.


You can receive texts from the Shift Agent SMS number 407-641-2678. You can save that number as a contact in your phone, and you can issue commands to the system to share or not share your information.  Type the code ‘4000’ to that number, and it will share both of email and phone.  Type the code ‘4001’ to unshare.


Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 5.09.42 PM

This is a progress indicator of how the communication works once you have requested someone’s contact information. You will see a message that you sent them a request. they will receive a text message that they can reply to, and it also includes YOUR phone number and YOUR email address that they can email you once if they want to. The contact information of the person being requested is kept private IF and UNTIL that person shares it.