Store Blueprint

Design Your Store, then Make Schedules

Shift Agent has a powerful set of tools that are based on the way you design your store’s operational blueprint.  You have the opportunity to make the app represent your store in a few key areas that will allow you (and those to whom you delegate) to be able to make accurate schedules every time.  This up front design work is mostly a one-time event, and afterwards you will be able to think primarily about people as you quickly fill each shift.  Moving forward, you create your own rhythm to revisit your design to improve operational efficiency at any time.

Elements of a Store Blueprint:

These elements form the structure of scheduling from an operations standpoint:   Where, when, and how often you want people to work.

As you are going through the store setup wizard, think through how you want to place the labor force in terms of departments and positions.

When and where you need labor:


  • Store Positions – What people are doing and where they are working
  • Templates – Quickly schedule to your labor limits, repeatedly

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 4.16.40 PM


After you have setup your departments and positions, you can begin working on setting up employee profiles.

Who can work:

The net result of setting up this blueprint for your store is that the vast majority of the information you need to build ideal schedules (operationally and personally) is retained in the system.

Weekly Adjustments:

These elements serve to help you hit your labor benchmarks every time:

  • Projections – Setting your labor limits based on sales
  • Guide Bar – Visualize your progress as you schedule

 Maintenance of Shift Agent:

The basic idea is that you will have your store operations setup, you will continue to make great schedules provided that you take care of these elements:

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