User Levels

Shift Agent has three User Levels.  You can set the user level for each employee from their individual employee profile.  You can quickly see who has which user level by using the Permissions sort on the Employee List page.

The three levels are:

  • Employee
  • Manager
  • Admin

 Feature Access for each User Level

A MANAGER can do everything an employee can do, and an ADMIN can do everything that a manager can do.


View Schedule
Request Trades
Request Days Off

Request & Input Availability Updates

Respond to Store News
View Opt-In Team Directory


Build & Modify the Schedule
Respond to Trades
View Days Off Requests
Comment on Availability Updates
Send Store News
View Full Team DirectoryView Star Ratings for employees

View Pay Rates


Approve Days Off Requests
Approve Availability Updates
Set User Levels
Modify Store Profile Settings
Modify Store Positions/Depts