Reviewing Labor Goals

Shift Agent provides a number of tools and views that are designed to help you maintain Lean Labor.

Most stores don’t necessarily start with the most efficient labor scheduling.  That’s okay!  You can  create opportunities to learn how to make the most efficient store labor schedule that maintains your desired guest experience.

Once you have setup your store with the blueprint that you need to delegate tasks and build the schedule, we can get on the journey of Lean Labor.

Steps You Can Take:

1.  Become familiar with everything that the Guide Bar is showing you to help you as you schedule.  Pay particular attention to what it looks like when projections are set and when the scheduling is in process.  Notice how the use of color indicates how you are doing in meeting your goals.

2.  Decide on a method for using the Set Projections feature.

Simple approach – Schedule to Man-Hours projections (ex.  245 hours)

      1. ex.  Sales Projection:  $15,750  X  14%  =  $2205.00 Labor Goal
                $2205  /  $9.00/hr avg.  = 
        245 man hours limit
      2. If your volume of sales makes your efficiency go up, then just adjust your labor percent goal in the formula above.  It will still reflect a basic man hours limit.

Detailed approach – * requires accurate pay rates

If you maintain your pay rates, you will have accurate predictions of labor expense dollar figures as well as labor percentage.  The numbers will differ from actuals in so much as clock-in and clock-out data are different from what you scheduled.

  1. Fill out the sales projections area for each day.
  2. Fill out a labor percentage goal