Scheduling Rhythm

You can create a rhythm that serves to help you get the most out of Shift Agent.  Remember, the two primary goals of Shift Agent are to help you run efficient operations and to demonstrate care for your team through great scheduling.

The main activity is of course building the schedule for the week.  And we suggest the following rhythm, and you will continue to make great schedules provided that you take care of these elements:

Daily Rhythm:

  • Respond to requests for trades and giveaways
  • Handle requests for days off

Weekly Rhythm:

Management Meetings Rhythm:

Things you can talk about to create continuous improvement with scheduling towards lean labor.

  • Review the schedule from last week.  Pull up the graphic of the timeline and think about each position during the day.
    • Were there places where we noticed that we could create labor savings during the week?
    • Were there places where we were understaffed?
  • Make notes of places to trim labor.


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