The Sandbox – Demo Mode

When you first signup for your store’s account in Shift Agent, you will find yourself in The Sandbox.  It’s a term we use to describe the training environment where you can play around with the features and take a tour of the app.

Before you setup your store

Before you actually setup your store and add all of your information, you will want to empty the sandbox.  This will bring you to the Setup Wizard that provides you with the interface to most efficiently add all your store’s information.

In the Sandbox, there are a number of fictitious characters who are employees.  There are some day off requests for you to respond to, as well as a trade or two.  Take advantage of the tours provided to give you an idea of how everything works. In particular, try to do the whole tour of the scheduling page.

Things you shouldn’t do in the sandbox:

  1. Don’t try to add all of your store information before emptying the sandbox.  You can add a few real people to see how it works, but in general you should use the Setup Wizard.
  2. Don’t “edit” the names of Positions or Departments in the hopes that they will remain after you empty the sandbox. ( You can add completely new positions and departments and they will remain)

If you add employees, positions, or departments while you’re in the sandbox, they will not be deleted when you empty the sandbox.

Setup Wizard:  When you empty the Sandbox, you will be immediately in the Setup Wizard. All of the fictitious information will clear out. 

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