Cancel a Trade / Giveaway

Shift Agent gives you the option to cancel trades and giveaways up until the manager approves it.


My manager already approved the trade

If a manager has approved the trade, then it is too late to use Shift Agent to prevent the trade.  The change is now reflected in the actual store schedule, and you must use other options to correct the situation.  We suggest that you can either contact your manager directly about the situation, or attempt to trade shifts back with the person.

Cancel a Trade

If you decide to not go through with a trade but you have made a trade request, you can cancel the trade anytime before the manager approves it.  This is true even if someone accepted your trade.

If you cancel the trade, Shift Agent will notify the person you were trading with.

You can then decide what you want with regards to that shift, to either keep it or open a new trade with another person. A trade is always just with one person.

Cancel a Giveaway

You may cancel a giveaway anytime before a manager approves it.  (even if someone has accepted to work it)