Days Off – Report View

Shift Agent presents the Days Off report in a graphical way.  It allows you to see real time stats and answer all kinds of questions about the trends in requests.

Explanation of the report:

On a given day, there are a number of things that the report is relaying to you:

  • The limit for the day (number in upper left corner)
    • If green, you are within the limit
    • If orange, you have at least one pending request that could put you over the limit
    • If red, you have accepted more requests than the limit allows.
  • Number of pending requests (click to go to the request response view)
  • Number of approved and disapproved requests on that day

You can of course toggle back and forth between months and go into the future to see limits, requests, and all of the above.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 5.36.06 PM

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