Over the Limit – Days Off

Managers are able to set limits for the number of requests that they believe that they can allow to help them make good decisions.

Submitting requests that are over the limit

  • If you make a request that comes in over the limit for that day, you will be made aware.
  • You are still able to submit the request, and your manager is still able to take the request into account.
  • Managers are able to evaluate requests before they approve them.
  • Making a request does NOT mean that the request has been granted.
(employee view with limit information)



Tip: Making Day Off requests from your personal device is a great benefit for using Shift Agent.  It enables you to have more control over communicating your scheduling needs, and it also enables your manager to make operational decisions with accuracy. They have to take the needs of the store into account as well as every individual’s needs.