Store News via Text

Shift Agent provides a Store News messaging platform that enables you to communicate with your team by Text and Email.

  • There is a small fee associated with sending SMS Text messages.
  • Email messages are always free.

How it works

You can create a Store News message and select any combination of team members to which the text message will be sent.

Remember, SMS Text messages are optional, and should be used provided you want the more immediate response.  You can elect to send the message by Email only, Text only, or Email and Text at the same time.

How your Team Experiences the Store News Messages

Store News is helpful in that you can send messages with differing levels of urgency.   When the message is sent, it will be the first thing each employee sees when they open the app.

If you select SMS, they will receive a Text Message with the email.  Currently, it is not possible to acknowledge the message from SMS, but they will be able to see the message again and acknowledge the message in the app.  Sending SMS messages will spend the number of tokens that corresponds to the number of messages sent.

If you select email only, they will receive and email with the contents of the message and be able to acknowledge the message from the email.

Purchasing SMS Tokens

To purchase SMS Tokens, you can use the credit card you have on file for your subscription.  The purchase of SMS Tokens will have a separate invoice and be reflected in your invoice history.

Purchase SMS Tokens in Blocks

500 tokens = $25 ($0.05 per text message)

1000 tokens = $40 ($0.04 per text message)

2000 tokens = $60 ($0.03 per text message)