The 20 Minute Schedule

Yeah, you can do it faster than 20 minutes with Shift Agent.  And yes, there are companies that might tell us that they can make schedules in seconds.  But we think 20 minutes or so is the right amount of time to spend.  Here’s why:

Think about this for a minute.  Your operation and your team both hang on the schedule.  Is it worth taking 20 minutes each week to ensure the best possible outcome?

With Shift Agent, you get to take the best of what a computer can do, and add it to the best of what your most capable manager knows about your team, and you get the best possible outcome.  Your manager is working with a business intelligence machine, and your team get the benefits and hopefully your store sees the sales.

The 20 minute schedule encourages you to be involved just enough to add a personal touch to the element of your work environment that most affects your Operation.