Days Off – Grant Overrides

As a result of your store day off policy, there may be situations where you need to allow an employee to make a request for a day off that is outside of your normal pattern.

There are three main parts to how Shift Agent give you control of Day Off requests:

  1. Days Off Policy
  2. Soft Limits
  3. Overrides & Exceptions– explained in this post

Note:  Unless you grant an override, if they are outside of your policy, they can’t make the request.

  • To grant an exception, simply navigate to the employee’s profile and go to the Overrides area.
  • Press the Grant Exception button, and the next time they attempt to make a day off request, the system will allow them to do it.
  • Each exception is good for one and only one request.

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 10.07.40 PM

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