Failed Payment Policy

If your credit card on file is failing for one reason or another, your account will remain active for a grace period to allow you to correct any issues that could put your subscription on hold. What You Can Expect Shift Agent will send you an email to the accounting email address for your store to indicate […]

Invoice History

Shift Agent allows you to go into your invoice history and have a record of your invoice/receipts. To Access: Navigate to the Store Profile page. Click the  Subscription tab Click the Invoices button in the upper right corner of the page. Invoices are listed as a line item in the list, and you can click the download […]

SMS Tokens

The purchase of SMS tokens allows your Store News messages to be sent via Text, as well as in the classic Store News fashion.  When you create a Store News message, you have the option to not only have it be a message that shows when the employees open the app, but ALSO they will […]