Day Off Requests Without Stress

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With Shift Agent,  you can set a Days Off policy and have the system enforce that policy. Set your Days off policy (advance notice requirement, etc) Manage Soft Limits for how many requests you think you can allow on each day of the week The Basics: Shift Agent is designed to help you place the responsibility […]

Extended Time Off (days off vs. inactive)

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When to use Days Off vs. Availability   Days Off is a function that is used primarily for time limited periods of time when the employee isn’t working. (vacation, out of town, emergency, family reunion, etc.) Availability settings also effect when a person is scheduled.  For example, you probably don’t want to make a habit […]

Having Issues? Try this FIRST (clear cache)

The first line of defense when Shift Agent is not loading something right, is to simply refresh your browser.  For example, if you add a day off to an employee, and then go back to the scheduler and you don’t see the day off reflected properly in Smart Scheduling, the chances are that you need […]

Much Faster Scheduling

Now that you have built your first day or even your first week, let’s help you streamline your scheduling process.  You can begin to take full advantage of what Shift Agent does to make your scheduling experience quick and efficient. Fastest Way to Build One Day: The draw shifts feature is the fastest way to build […]

Our Scheduling Philosophy

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Our Philosophy: We believe in building a culture of hospitality through better scheduling.  Your time is valuable, and we want to multiply your effectiveness by giving you the tools you need to schedule your store with excellence.  Shift Agent is designed to foster personal responsibility among your employees as we provide powerful flexibility. Main Website:  Shift Agent […]

Print View – Taking advantage of two views at once

Using the Print View while you are building the schedule can provide extra context and confidence that you are building the right schedule for the week. As you add shifts to the schedule with the scheduler, they will automatically show up on the Print View. Suggestions for how to use the Print View to your […]

Scheduling Rhythm

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You can create a rhythm that serves to help you get the most out of Shift Agent.  Remember, the two primary goals of Shift Agent are to help you run efficient operations and to demonstrate care for your team through great scheduling. The main activity is of course building the schedule for the week.  And […]

Skill Levels and the Training Indicator

Shift Agent provides granular control of indicating what skill level each employee has for each position. Employee A can have three positions, and have different skill levels in each position.  Skill levels are rated from Zero to Three stars (0-3)  Three being the highest. Training:   In addition, Shift Agent provides a Training flag  that […]

SMS Alerts for Managers

Admin’s and managers can choose whether or not to receive text message alerts when their are requests that need your attention. Managers can also set preferences for receiving emails by electing to receive the Daily Digest. By default, you do NOT receive these SMS alerts, but you can check a setting to receive alerts about […]