Availability Instructions for Employees

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Currently, you must be on a tablet or computer to update your availability. You cannot update your availability from a mobile phone. Learn more about how to communicate your availability. 1.  Navigate to your profile. 2.  Click the Change Availability button in the upper right corner. 3.  See the status of the campaign and the […]

Blank Screen – Won’t Load

Blank Screen Occasionally, the Interwebs may decide to not play nice with your device. If you find yourself in a situation where the information won’t load, or the screen looks blank and you aren’t able to tap any buttons in the app, there is hope for you. The first line of defense when this happens is to […]

Cancel a Day Off

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As an employee, you can cancel a day off request, even if it has been approved.  You can effectively make yourself available again. Managers do not cancel days off requests for their employees, but they can remove them. First, check the status of the request.  If you decide that you no longer want the day off, […]

Cancel a Trade / Giveaway

Shift Agent gives you the option to cancel trades and giveaways up until the manager approves it. My manager already approved the trade If a manager has approved the trade, then it is too late to use Shift Agent to prevent the trade.  The change is now reflected in the actual store schedule, and you […]

Communicating Your Availability

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The goal of setting your availability is: To ensure that the needs of the store are met To make sure you work when you want as often as possible How to best support the needs of the store: Be flexible.  Offer more hours of availability. Set your preferred availability higher than your number of desired hours. How to […]

Download the Shift Agent App

Here is how you DOWNLOAD the Shift Agent app to your phone. (You don’t need to go to the App Store or Google Play store.) Open your favorite browser on your phone, then follow these screen prompts:   First, for the iPhone ®                       For the Android […]

Employee Introduction

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Simple Introduction Shift Agent makes it easy for all employees to activate and to login for the first time. We take the hassle out of you having to explain everything to your team.  After they walk through the basics, they are immediately brought to the homepage on a mobile device or on a computer.  On […]

Giving Away a Shift

When you giveaway a shift, you are essentially putting that shift up for grabs.  Giveaways are different from trades, in that they make a shift available to many people, and you don’t get another shift back in return.  Use this option to offload hours that you don’t want to work. When you click on a […]

I need the day off but I’m already scheduled

So you need to make a request for a day off, but you’ve already been scheduled for that day.   Your opportunity to have the time off now requires that you trade your own shift.  After you successfully trade your shift, then you can request for the day off and your manager will receive the request […]

Mobile Login Troubleshooting

If you have trouble-logging in, you will most likely find a screen on your phone that looks like this: If so, simply follow the instructions which we will repost right here so that you can have it on a different screen while you set up your phone. Check whether the address bar (bar that says […]

My Schedule

Your schedule is always filled with all of the shifts that your manager has published for you up to this point. From the schedule view, you can click on each shift to see a quick list of some of the people you are working with.  It does not list everyone that you are working with […]


There are many system messages that Shift Agent sends to users called Notifications.  Notifications are different from Store News announcements.  Store News announcements can show up in your Store News feed that are personal notes from management.  There is a separate area in the app for Store News and announcements. When you receive notifications, you can […]

Over the Limit – Days Off

Managers are able to set limits for the number of requests that they believe that they can allow to help them make good decisions. Submitting requests that are over the limit If you make a request that comes in over the limit for that day, you will be made aware. You are still able to submit the […]

Requesting Days Off

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Shift Agent provides a very eloquent way for you to request time off. (MGRS:  You can simply CREATE a day off on behalf of any employee by navigating to their profile and using the Days Off section.) Steps:   Click the Day Off button on your app. Select the type of request Fill in each of […]

SMS Commands

Here is a list of commands that you can issue to Shift Agent via SMS (texting). “Next“ – See your next shift “4000“ – Share your contact info with your team “4001“ – Unshare your contact info with your team Making a Contact in your Mobile Device for Shift Agent The Shift Agent SMS number […]

Status of Days Off

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On an employee profile, you can see the status of each Days Off request. The following are the various statuses that a Day Off request may have: Pending:  The request has been submitted, but a manager has not yet responded.  (the employee cannot assume the request has been granted or denied, and should be prepared […]

Status of Trades

A trade or a giveaway can have one of many different states.  Depending on where you are in the process, you could have any of the following statuses for your trade: No interest yet – You are still responsible for your original shift.  You may cancel the trade at this time. Accepted by a co-worker – You […]

Store News (Announcements)

(MGRS: Click here for how to create store news announcements.) Store News announcements are created by managers, and you may receive these from time to time.  It is their way of communicating important information to you.  You may receive messages via text message from your manager sometimes. When you first login to the app, if there […]

Store Schedule (mobile view)

There is a mobile view called Store Schedule that allows everyone to see all of the published shifts for the whole store. To access:  Click the menu button on the bottom right corner of your screen and select Store Schedule.     Anyone can see who is working on any day. Use the day selector, […]

Team Directory

Shift Agent provides the Team Directory for all of your employees to be able to share their contact information. This is OPTIONAL for all employees, and at anytime, everyone can choose to display or not display their contact information with the rest of the team. The idea is to provide the right amount of communication and connection […]

Team Directory – Request Someone’s Contact

There is a button that a team member can use to “REQUEST” that someone on the team display their contact information in the team directory.  This can be used once, and that person will receive a text message with the option to type in a code that will automatically flip the switch for phone and […]

Team Directory – Share or Unshare My Contact

* By default Shift Agent does NOT share your contact information on the Team Directory. The team directory is a way for everyone who wants to share their contact information to be able to do so.  It is a community made out of your co-workers that you have the freedom to control whether or not […]

Trade Shifts Easily

Automatically find the best trade! Shift Agent is designed to help you find someone to trade with, so that you don’t have to worry about it.  Read here for full instructions, or just use this for quick reference for using our system to trade. For Example:  Let’s say that you want to trade your Monday, […]

What happens when my trade is accepted?

When your trade is accepted, it has gone through the first of two stages before your actual schedule would be effected in any way. Before your schedule actually changes, your manager has to approve your trade. When your trade is accepted AND your manager has approved the trade, then your list of upcoming shifts would […]

What happens when my trade is declined?

When your trade is declined by a co-worker , it means that you still have to work that shift. You can try and trade with another one of your co-workers, but if it was declined by your manager, they have a reason and you are welcome to ask them. Feel free to attempt another trade […]

Why should I update My Availability?

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You may have received a message like this on your mobile device: This message on your device is the result of a manager requesting for you to make an availability update. For now, you can’t update your availability on your mobile device. Take a minute to learn best practices for availability. Login on the website […]