Employee Card (smart scheduling)

So you are loading a SERVER shift from 10:00am – 4:00pm from Smart Scheduling.  The top right of the view shows an employee card that displays lots of relevant information with respect to the shift you are filling. Current Hours = # of hours they have this week Target Hours = # of hours you want […]

Employee List for Managers (mobile)

From your mobile device, as a manager, you can access a list of your employees and see all of their profiles. Click the “menu” button in the bottom right corner, and then click the “Employee List” item.                       From the profile view, you can actually […]

Employees List

Your Active and Inactive employee roster is found on the Employee page.  Each employee will have a profile in the app and it will be listed here.  To access the area where you handle employees, click on the Employees button in the main menu. The initial view after you click the employees button, shows you […]

How Does Shift Agent Minimize the Complexity of Scheduling Your Employees?

Keeping up with who can work and when, can be a very complicated matter.  Building the ideal employee schedule is only possible when you are able to make decisions with the right information at the right time. Shift Agent makes sure that when you are filling a shift in your schedule, that you are aware […]


There are many system messages that Shift Agent sends to users called Notifications.  Notifications are different from Store News announcements.  Store News announcements can show up in your Store News feed that are personal notes from management.  There is a separate area in the app for Store News and announcements. When you receive notifications, you can […]

Print View (week view)

Description: Print View (Week view) is a second way of seeing the schedule that gives you access to a lot of helpful information. See an alphabetical list of employees with their schedule shown across a particular week. Keep the view open as you build the schedule and watch the shifts appear in the spreadsheet as you […]

Recommendations: Select the Right Employee for Each Shift

Shift Agent is not an auto-scheduler.  It’s one better.  Smart Scheduling is a recommendation system that calculates the operational decision so that you can focus on people while you select the right person for each shift.  This post describes most of what Smart Scheduler is doing to make recommendations on your behalf as you fill […]

Schedule a Day

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To schedule one day is essentially the process of adding shifts, assigning employees, and publishing the day.  Typical Method for Adding Shifts and Building the schedule: Put Shifts on the day:  Use the Draw Shifts feature, or use the Add Shifts feature. Fill each shift with the right employee:  Press Smart Scheduling button on the top […]

Smart Scheduling: How to use it.

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Smart Scheduling allows you to fill out your schedule for a day quickly, using templates that you have created. Once you apply a template (or if there are any unassigned shifts on the page) press the green button that says “Smart Scheduling” in the upper left of the Manage Schedule page. Here is a breakdown of the Smart […]

SMS Alerts for Managers

Admin’s and managers can choose whether or not to receive text message alerts when their are requests that need your attention. Managers can also set preferences for receiving emails by electing to receive the Daily Digest. By default, you do NOT receive these SMS alerts, but you can check a setting to receive alerts about […]

Store News (Announcements)

(MGRS: Click here for how to create store news announcements.) Store News announcements are created by managers, and you may receive these from time to time.  It is their way of communicating important information to you.  You may receive messages via text message from your manager sometimes. When you first login to the app, if there […]

Store News Announcements

Shift Agent provides you with a platform to communicate effectively with your team. About Store News As a manager or admin, you can create a store-wide or position-specific announcement. You can select who the message goes to and how they will receive the message. Learn how to create announcements from your mobile device or from your computer. […]

Templates: How do I build one?

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This post is about how to build a template.  You can also edit an existing template and make changes. Access the Template Editing Area Templates are a way to take advantage of reoccurring patterns in your scheduling.  For example, if you have a “typical schedule” for a particular day of the week, you can build […]

The Scheduling Calendar

Introduction to the Calendar – This is a detailed overview of the scheduling page and how to use it. Building One Day at a Time – The Shift Agent™ calendar gives you the ability to build the schedule one day at a time with confidence. You can start building right away, and we help you to distribute hours, […]

What happens when my trade is accepted?

When your trade is accepted, it has gone through the first of two stages before your actual schedule would be effected in any way. Before your schedule actually changes, your manager has to approve your trade. When your trade is accepted AND your manager has approved the trade, then your list of upcoming shifts would […]

What is a Request?

This is when an employee wants to give away or trade a shift with another employee. Requests MUST be approved by a manager in order for it to take effect. These requests are viewable by the manager only, except when an employee sends out or receives a request.

Why do I need to enter my phone number?

Shift Agent sends out alerts and notifications using this number. It’s the fastest and easiest way for you to be connected with the system.