Adjust Templates to Match Benchmark Hours

Templates and Projections:  When you apply a template, you can see how many man-hours the template adds to the day.  You can also adjust the template to match your projections exactly, right before you use Smart Scheduling to fill in the shifts. Adjusting the Template: You can click any shift and tabs appear, making the […]

Draw Mode (add shifts by drawing)

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Shift Agent allows you to interact with the schedule by drawing unassigned shifts onto the schedule for a day. Once you have drawn the shifts, all of them are unassigned until you use Smart Scheduling or assign them individually. Click the  icon in the upper left corner of the scheduling page. Watch the video to […]

Reviewing Labor Goals

Shift Agent provides a number of tools and views that are designed to help you maintain Lean Labor. Most stores don’t necessarily start with the most efficient labor scheduling.  That’s okay!  You can  create opportunities to learn how to make the most efficient store labor schedule that maintains your desired guest experience. Once you have setup […]

Timeline Views

On the Timeline View, there are some view options that provide perspective on your schedule to help you make informed decisions.  There are three (3) major views available on the timeline. Menu of Timeline Views Default Scheduling View If you click the Expand Button (left button) the view will open up to show you all of the shifts […]

Trim Labor

Trimming your labor can mean the difference of a huge amount to your bottom line.  Trimming is the main way that you can get to lean labor. We encourage you to have a rhythm of scheduling that enables you to review how your days are going and to find and create ways of trimming your labor […]