Download the Shift Agent App

Here is how you DOWNLOAD the Shift Agent app to your phone. (You don’t need to go to the App Store or Google Play store.) Open your favorite browser on your phone, then follow these screen prompts:   First, for the iPhone ®                       For the Android […]

Employee List for Managers (mobile)

From your mobile device, as a manager, you can access a list of your employees and see all of their profiles. Click the “menu” button in the bottom right corner, and then click the “Employee List” item.                       From the profile view, you can actually […]

Mobile Login Troubleshooting

If you have trouble-logging in, you will most likely find a screen on your phone that looks like this: If so, simply follow the instructions which we will repost right here so that you can have it on a different screen while you set up your phone. Check whether the address bar (bar that says […]

Store Schedule (mobile view)

There is a mobile view called Store Schedule that allows everyone to see all of the published shifts for the whole store. To access:  Click the menu button on the bottom right corner of your screen and select Store Schedule.     Anyone can see who is working on any day. Use the day selector, […]

Working Today – (mobile view)

On the mobile menu, you will see the Working Today page.  Shift Agent will display the employees who are coming in for this 24-hour period.   The blue area will advance throughout the day as the shift progresses.  You can see how far along an employee is in their shift and about how much time […]